Sunday, August 31, 2008

Blog Post #1

My name is Alexis Harley, but you can call me Lexie if you'd like. I am majoring in psychology, and minoring in special education. I was born in Ohio and have lived in the very small town of Mantua all my life up until now. Mantua is only 1.4 square miles, and has only 1,500 people in the town. After moving six previous times locally in Ohio, my family and I have moved to Mt. Pleasant, SC, which I have lived in since early July. I'm not sure if I honestly like it down here yet, it is a big change which I am slowly getting use to. I have only one older sister, Meghan; who is one year older then I am. Due to us being close in age, we are best friends and very close. Unfortunately, she decided to commute and attend Charleston Southern University, so we try the best we can to stay in touch. I also have a mom named Aretha, a dad named Michael, a dog named Jasper, and a cat names Peanut. Both my cat and my dog are extremely spoiled and also obese. My family means the most to me; they are always helping me out and doing what they can to make me a better, successful person.
I love to watch/play sports, listen to music, and hang out with my family. My favorite sport is football, for many reasons; Brady Quinn and the pants just being two. I did youth cheer leading for four years, and also cheered for football and basketball in high school for another four years. I also like baseball, and fast pitch. When I was four, I started playing coach-pitch baseball, and up until I was in high-school my dad has always been my coach, and I appreciate all he has taught me with sports. I enjoy listening to pretty much any kind of music, with the exception of classical. My favorite bands include The Starting Line, Brand New, Ace Enders, The Early November, Owen, Bright Eyes, Taking Back Sunday, Minus The Bear, and Lil Wayne. I am almost always listening to music whenever it is an option.
I am not really sure what subject I am an "expert" of, but if I had to choose something I know a lot of random things about many different subjects. I've seen both the movies Lion King and Mean Girls too many times to count, and I can quote pretty much every line in both of them. Also, I have watched Laguna Beach since it started and followed Lauren throughout the two seasons of that, and now in The Hills, which I love and watch every Monday night. Those are the real basic basics about me. Hopefully they were enough information to get you to know a little bit about me.

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